Following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, that wreaked havock on the town, we have been steadily working to reinstate 'The Loons' as a significant community asset in Lyttelton. The selection of pictures below show just a small part of the work undertaken. For a true appreciation of the project, come along and view the building for yourself. You will be amazed at the repairs and renovations, and future possibilities for use of the building.

Historic Frontage

Historic Interior

Executive 1944

"The Builders"

Executive 1979

Executive 2016

Old Sign

1980s Fasçade

Before Repair

Excavation Work

Front Open


The Workers

Fly Tower Frame

Fly Tower Frame

Basement Wall

Basement Framing

Fly Tower Progress

Hall Progress

Fly Tower Walkway

Fly Tower Walkway

Roof and Skylights

Ventilation Ducting

Internal Framing

Front Entrance Steps

Rear from Ground Level

Rear from the Air